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Hillier Law Associates Chartered

December 2016. The time has come to close the office and to retire from the private practice of law. When you need professional services to update your estate plan or to settle an estate by Probate administration or by Trust termination, you will need to find another attorney who handles Wills, Trusts, & Estates.

We knew this would happen "some day" and just didn't know when "some day" would be.

I am sorry that we didn't have the opportunity to say good bye.


As you know, the office did not retain client documents. All documents were provided to clients on the day of signing.

Originals of documents (Trust plans and Will plans) were provided in a light oatmeal colored folder.

For Trust plans, copies of the Trust and other documents were provided in a 3-ring binder/notebook (white or black or red or blue).

For Will plans, the copy set was provided in a large white envelop or enclosed in the folder, with the Originals.

A letter was enclosed with instructions to retain the documents in a safe place, where the client and family could find them.

For Estates, copies of all documentation was provided during the process of Probate adminstration or Trust termination.

Probate files are public records in the county Probate Division. Deeds are Official Records, recorded by the county Clerk of Court.




My practice was limited specifically to estate planning and to settling estates by by termination of a living trust, or by probate administration, if necessary. I enjoyed talking and analyzing individual needs and goals and then discussing and designing individual plans to solve problems and meet goals in the most beneficial and cost-effective way with the least possible paperwork and bureaucracy. My philosophy was that by narrowing the scope of services offered, I was focused, efficient, and skilled in a specific areas of practice. When I had the opportunity to sell the office condominium, and at the same time, the assistant wanted to change her employment, it was time to close the office at the end of 2016.

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