SIMPLE SUMMARY: Exit 207 Bee Ridge West, RIGHT on Cattleman, RIGHT on Palmer, RIGHT on Porter, RIGHT on Porter Lake to 1899 Suite 106 on the left.

Bee Ridge exit 207, go West "toward the beaches" then immediately turn RIGHT to go North on Cattlemen Road. Turn RIGHT (East) onto Palmer Blvd. at a traffic light. Pass a large gas station and in just a short distance, as you pass under I-75, you must be in the right-hand-must-turn-right lane. Immediately there is a traffic light, turn RIGHT (South) onto Porter Road. If you find yourself in the country, turn around and go back to the light at Porter Road.

Go South on Porter Road for ½ mile; you will be parallel to I-75. There is little traffic, no more stop signs or traffic lights. After driving south for ½ mile, turn RIGHT at the sign Interstate Lake Industrial Park; you are turning RIGHT (West) onto Porter Lake Drive. Pass a few buildings, go past building 1850 (green roof) on the left, then our building 1899 is on the left, and also has a green roof. The parking entrance is just before the FEDEX AND UPS pick-up boxes, before the road curves. We are in the end unit #106. If you miss the parking entrance, follow the road as it curves to the left, then come in the rear driveway, and drive around the building. Park in front or rear of our unit # 106.